A good plan is like a roadmap; it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there.

H. Stanley Judd

Margie Bingham is the owner and principal of Rainmaker Management Group, Inc., a business consulting, coaching and training company in Nashville, TN. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs and established business owners find and implement effective solutions to their business issues and goals and achieve heightened success.

Since 2001 Rainmaker Management has worked with businesses with annual revenues of $500K to $10M to improve their

  • Financial management
  • Systems and processes
  • Sales and marketing techniques
  • Employee management and leadership

Whether the objective is to grow to the next level, stabilize current operations, or prepare the business for sale, Margie and Rainmaker Management Group can help.

As a coach, consultant, and trainer, Margie has helped many executives and owners of companies large and small gain knowledge and expertise; improve their business functions and efficiency; and leverage their resources through planning, focus, and effective plan implementation. She believes that planning your work and working your plan are keys to greater business success and increased personal satisfaction.

Schedule a complimentary consultation and learn how Margie and Rainmaker Management Group can help you—and your business—be more successful.